Blue Helion

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What We Do

Blue Helion offers tailor made solutions and end-to-end services to help companies design and develop India centers that can accelerate scale. We help Technology Business Leaders, Owners and Entrepreneurs, cross the growth chasm – by helping accelerate growth

Setup execution

Post-set up operational support

Operational leadership for running India operations

Solve The India Conundrum

How do manage the 3 most critical elements in the Indian Context – Location, Labour, and Laws.
Accelerate and simplify the process of setting up an India operation, but also achieve cultural and operational synergies between India and global teams much faster

Set Up

Establish development centre/India office/India Capability Centre
Establish Operating infrastructure set-up of Initial Functions (based in India) to support India Operations
Create recruitment and /HR processes and policies to drive employer value proposition (Culture)

Scale Up

Create Sustainable and Scalable growth, optimised for cost, efficiency 
Identify Scale Enablers, Growth Levers and Pillars
Metrics and governance to deliver on Mission and Vision
Fit for purpose structure, systems, and processes
Build-vs Buy thinking in the setting up or growing of internal capabilities
Create vendor partner ecosystems and an enduring functional outsourcing model

Transform business functions

Work closely with CEO and Leadership teams to define and execute strategic transformation programs across Internal IT, Human Resources, Sales and Business Development, Marketing & Communications, Legal & Commercial Management, Corporate Risk Management

Success Story

Blue Helion is helping a Private Equity backed global internet venture, enter into India where it is helping the client set-up and operationalise their India Capability Center.

Working with Blue Helion

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