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Recruitment Sourcing Strategy: How it can be a differentiator for your organization

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Recruiting the right talents is easier said than done. As the demand for top talent is rapidly growing, finding competent individuals will likely continue to be a significant recruiting challenge for businesses worldwide. Organizations are seeking new ways to create effective strategies to attract and retain talents.

In this blog you will learn some effective recruitment sourcing strategies and explore how Blue Helion has served as a linchpin in helping companies around the world create recruitment strategies that can be a game-changer for their businesses.

Did you know?

A recent survey showcased on LinkedIn stated that 63% of recruiters see talent scarcity as their top issue. And 76% of recruiting managers acknowledge that finding the best applicants is their biggest issue.

According to a recent survey The Future of talent acquisition 2022-23, over the next two years, 49% organizations are most likely to invest in people analytics and data-driven recruiting.

This means, you may have to focus your efforts on proactively seeking such candidates rather than waiting for the perfect candidates to find you.

And this is where the recruitment sourcing strategy comes in.

3 Pointers To Consider Before You Implement Recruitment Sourcing Strategies

1. Set clear recruitment goals

Your objectives should be the first consideration when creating a successful strategy. What does more effective hiring look like in your company? Will it shorten the hiring process? Lower your candidate churn? Expand your talent pool? Set clear goals upfront.

2. Emphasize on skill-based hiring

Don’t just evaluate based on degree or previous work experience. Instead, determine if the candidate has a specific skill/skillset you expect them to have and evaluate them based on that.

3. Measure people outcomes

Assess your goals against key metrics such as absenteeism, employee engagement, productivity, and career progression. By identifying the indicators and monitoring them, you can make the appropriate adjustments as necessary.

4 Recruitment Sourcing Strategies You Need To Try

1. Make your employees brand ambassadors

Using employee testimonials on your career website and including keywords in those testimonials will support the other creative sourcing techniques you deploy. This tactic combines the strength of marketing and SEO to get candidates to your career page. Turning your employees into brand ambassadors helps draw more applicants to your table with less stress.

2. Career networking conferences

The best thing about career conferences is that once you’ve made connections, there’s a strong possibility that they’ll spread the word about your brand through their network. Attend job networking conferences like college networking events to establish new connections and market your brand. These unique sourcing options let you meet individuals in person, bringing networking into the real world.

3. Leverage talent outsourcing firms

Talent outsourcing firms not only help you get the right talents, but they also carve out a creative sourcing strategy to attract, recruit and nurture the best talents. What else, you can learn a lot of ideas and procedures from them. Creating a recruitment strategy through an outsourcing firm is a worthy option you need to check out.

If you’d like to know how outsourcing to a professional services firm is a good growth choice, here’s a great ebook to help you get started.

4. Online platforms

Yes, there are several platforms – many of them free- that can be used to search and connect with candidates. If you want to hire designers and other creative talents for your business, check out Dribbble. If you’re looking for applicants for journalistic positions, JournalismJobs is a good place to start. For executive positions, try Ladders. By using these platforms, you can find a variety of talent with the requisite skills for specific roles.

Blue Helion Recruitment Sourcing Solution – A game-changer

At Blue Helion, for decades, we have been equipping small and medium-sized businesses with fit-for-purpose talent mapping, advisory services, recruitment strategies, and growth roadmaps aligned with their specific business goals and market realities.

Blue Helon, with diverse experience and an invaluable “outside view” along with a fresh perspective, provides top-class recruitment advisory and outsourcing services. We help you unlock the true potential of talent sourcing, covering areas like capacity development, capability development, and cost management to guide, nurture, and help spearhead your business in the right direction.

Get a 20-minute free consultation to chart sourcing strategy for your organization

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