Blue Helion

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What We Do

Tech Businesses leverage experienced practitioners and specialist functional consultants to drive key organization initiatives and run business functions. We take a bespoke approach to solving your unique challenges or requirements.

Our engagement models are tailored to purpose, flexible in capacity and adaptive to change.

Fixed Fee

Time bound, project-based engagement models with finite scope, expected deliverables, time-frame requirements

Time and Material

Pre-agreed rates based on skillsets deployed, invoiced on a weekly or monthly basis

Executive in Residence

Functional executive roles to drive complex transformation programs and realize outcomes


Create and set-up a function or team, which can transition into your organisation at the end of a specified time

Capabilities of paramount importance augmented at scale

Experienced business leaders

Acceleration on growth and time-to-market

Flexible engagement models

Access to best-in-class talent

Execution leadership and support

Improved outcomes

Ease of engagement

Cost and time efficiency

Strategic talent mapping

Context-driven execution by people with relevant pedigree and experience delivered at optimized time/cost

Working with Blue Helion

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