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Deep Industry Expertise in Technology and Manufacturing to develop a strong, dependable formula for growth

What we do

New markets, new consumer trends, disruptive technologies and business models challenge decision-makers to rethink their businesses. BlueHelion helps clients achieve transformative growth by combining our proven approach to delivering business outcomes with a deep knowledge of key industries.

Technology Businesses

Create a tailored and differentiated strategy for growth, innovation and scale in a rapidly evolving world. We’ve helped global IT/ITeS and SaaS companies achieve desired outcomes in their growth journey.

Tech-Led Manufacturing

Transform manufacturing with updates or modernization of plant and machinery. Adopt the latest tech and techniques and adopt Industry 4.0 or Navigate the ecosystem for investments, cost reductions and growth.

Export Oriented Units

Identify and address operational and strategic challenges for engineering service and software/product units with a strong emphasis on export markets.

Defence, Mobility, Aerospace

Create Revenue roadmap, growth advisory and planning for your drone manufacturing, ACES-based mobility products and aerospace tech.

Success Stories

Discover how our industry experts help in achieving business scalability and growth.


Articles by our team of
in-house experts

Business Advisory

Growth Advisory, Operational Leadership and Execution Support to enable scale, maturity for Technology Companies.

Transaction Advisory

Create inorganic growth roadmaps where necessary to scale your business.


Avail purposeful functional expertise across the organisation for near, mid and long term business needs.